How it Works

Download software from website. Download

Start Install software:

  • Press on downloaded installation file in browser
  • Select a downloaded installation file in Windows Explorer and press Enter or double click on it.

Please confirm warning message:

Run program:

  • Double click on icon on desktop:


  • Select from main menu: Start | Programs | Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password | Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password

Choose the Adobe Reader/Acrobat document *.pdf file that you require the password to.

Select the type of password that you want to crack: the user password or the password of the document’s owner.

Enter the available password information using the masks designer wizard. This will reduce the time required to search for passwords.

Hacking of the password with the help of the brute force function.

The final result of the password cracking. The program either displays the recovered password or reports on the last page that it cannot be recovered.